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A book on programmers
24 Apr 2004  15:43

Bob Reselman wrote a book on the life of a programmer. is called Coding slave. Look very interesing to me, I'm going to order it.


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Tanto Swords18   Nov   2016   10:15   GTM
Tanto Swords

The weapon came in a box within a box, I assume as part of the transfer from UPS to the USPS. There was no paperwork, only the manufacturers markings on the inner box. The weapon was flawless, and with a heavy coating of foundry grease on the blade.
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Re:A book on programmers

Simply wanted to mention I am just glad that i stumbled on the web page!
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Chinese Sword22   Nov   2016   20:08   GTM
Chinese Sword

Sharp, quality, and attractive, Full hilt, feels sturdy in both hands.
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Swords Bags22   Nov   2016   21:30   GTM
Swords Bags

This even came with a cleaning kit for the blade, as well as a housing cloth to hold in the sword. Not sure what that's called, but I like. Overall, a good deal.
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Samurai Sword22   Nov   2016   20:08   GTM
Samurai Sword

Believe's an outstanding sword... Worthy in every way. I've tried several other products (all more expensive), but this one is exceptional. In some months I will look for the Emperor sword. I'm just afraid of paying more forthe same or less quality.
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janpanese samurai sword18   Nov   2016   04:07   GTM
janpanese samurai sword

Good as my $3000 Kantana and sharper
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katana blade20   Nov   2016   15:36   GTM
katana blade

I've placed 5 orders so far with these guys. YOU WILL BE IMPRESSED ! Inexpensive knives and swords do not always have to be cheap. I was thrilled when I opened the heavy tubes containing my purcheses. The quality and price tend to lean more to quality. That is something you never seem to get anymore. Their customer service is as good as their products.
battle ready swords20   Nov   2016   15:36   GTM
battle ready swords

Had a very small rust spot. Not a big deal. It came off with 1,000 grit. Almost with the 3,000 grit Japanese Whetstone. Very happy for the price. $300.00 for a $600.00 Katana. Very sturdy, and thick. Got some weight to it as well. Girls would have a hard time if they are not strong enough. Especially if they try and use it. I give it 4.7 out of 5 stars. Must own, if you can.
Naginata Sword20   Nov   2016   10:37   GTM
Naginata Sword

OK, so its not a real, folded steel samurai sword. Those cost thousands, and you get what you pay for, however, compare the price to an $85 Ka-bar, and you begin to see how reasonably priced this sword is. The quality and craftsmanship of this sword is easily comparable to any mid-range, mass-produced combat knife made by companies like Ka-bar or Ontario. You are paying for a sword that is handmade with modern materials and knifemaking techniques - high carbon steel with a clay-tempered "hamon" edge. No joke, the edge is sharp enough to shave with. I plan on purchasing the matching Katana, and I already purchased 2 Mushashi style (#670) tsuba to make the set truly no-frills.
samurai20   Nov   2016   08:39   GTM

Gotta say it got to me faster than anticipated, and also great quality sword no complaints about the make of it at all
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SAKABATO18   Nov   2016   04:07   GTM

I own one just like this but the difference is mine was 1000 and this one looks better
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samurai swords for sale17   Nov   2016   22:36   GTM
samurai swords for sale

The quality of the sword has impressed me greatly, and I was very pleased with the delivery speed.
vincentyr217   Nov   2016   17:13   GTM
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the samurai sword18   Nov   2016   13:17   GTM
the samurai sword

Beautiful sword! Overall, I was very happy with it when it came in the mail today. It's sharp, solid, and an overall good quality sword. The only reason I give it 4 stars is because the blade doesn't line up with the handle, making for poor cuts. If that were fixed, it would be an awesome battle ready sword.
battle ready swords18   Nov   2016   13:16   GTM
battle ready swords

I now see why so many good reviews. It has been repeatedly reviewed by others that use it and test it a bit, I won't. I will keep it in nice new condition and display due to its very well done quality and looks. Really like this one.
AustinNer18   Nov   2016   12:55   GTM
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real swords18   Nov   2016   12:46   GTM
real swords

High Quality. Very realistic. Great for practice.
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Japanese Red Katana22   Nov   2016   14:01   GTM
Japanese Red Katana

i just got this sword today the shipping was early by a day and the boxing was good and it came with a stand and belt. the craftsmanship of the blade was great and it feels like it could put some real damage out. its worth the money in my opinion. the tsuka was fit for either one or two hand wielding and the blade was almost razor sharp.
katana22   Nov   2016   14:00   GTM

My son has a sword collection from my past military service in the USMC and USNR, so the Samurai was a nice addition!! Thanks for the quality reproduction:-)
ldw1up2qpn22   Nov   2016   13:59   GTM

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Tsuka20   Nov   2016   16:52   GTM

Gotta say it got to me faster than anticipated, and also great quality sword no complaints about the make of it at all
6ehidd7uu222   Nov   2016   11:59   GTM

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sword in japan20   Nov   2016   16:53   GTM
sword in japan

With this item being used-in good condition, I expected to see some evidence of use but this Katana came to me in like-new condition. I received more than what I expected and I am very satisfied. *What would be really useful, for shopping, would be to have a link to specifically select "warehouse deals" to be able to browse everything that is available in the warehouse deals department.
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Re:A book on programmers

What's happening, tidy websites you've got presently.
Wakizashi Sword for sale22   Nov   2016   02:15   GTM
Wakizashi Sword for sale

This is perfect. Its made with nice strong damascus steel. They didn't over do it on the oil they put on the blade its not to heavy, and its well balanced. Its a high quality sword for an affordable price.
Naginata weapon21   Nov   2016   21:47   GTM
Naginata weapon

Wow, What a Katana. Great Balance and wicked Sharp right out of the box. Have not found a Katana this well made at the price I paid. I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a quaility Katana at a good price.
Katana swords21   Nov   2016   21:47   GTM
Katana swords

It's my first Samuri Sword, so I'm happy with the price and product. Lighter and a better blade or so, will cost a lot more, but this fits well.
Jesbypsult21   Nov   2016   10:11   GTM
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Naginata Sword20   Nov   2016   21:13   GTM
Naginata Sword

I've had this katana now for about a month now and it is the real deal. I've owned a few good katanas and this is the best yet
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I chop full branches worth it was sweet my boy was like omg be careful of cleansing tool I th ought I was gonna die with the glass sheds in the powder patch
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battle ready samurai swords for sale

Full tang Authentic everything including beautiful hamon! I would recommend this blade to anyone looking for a cheap but well made and truly battle ready. I have put this blade through hell and back and it still looks amazing. However I have polished and sharpened along the way I have had this blade for about a year now and it is my favorite. This blade could match just about anything you see a warrior class cold steel katana do. the only thing better than this blade is one that has been deferentially hardened for authenticity but as durability is concerned for most people mono steel is fine, when made of high carbon steel.
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AIK spelar sin nsta allsvenska hemmamatch sndagen den 17:30 da Svenska Spels nya satsning pa ungdomsidrotten innebr att du som spelar pa. net entertainment live casino vegas casino owners Innehall mnen: Spelautomater, Spelsidor Pa Ntet, Alla Spelautomater, Spelautomat Bonus, Jackpottar, och Bsta Automaterna. gratis spel till mobilen java Vinnarum r ett svenskt online casino med svenska kronor som valuta, bra bonusar och populra spel. 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Online casino spielen echtes geld best Online Casino Platforms Bring Up The Champions Then I remember gotins, want to lots of. casino on net download betway bonus terms I denna guide lr du dig allt om olika casinospel och vad som egentligen skiljer dem at. casino dealer working hours Arkiv Betssoncom poker Pokerrum, pokersajter och pokerbutiker. 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